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Journal Writing

Facilitating Healing Through Journal Writing

While there are a variety of different debilitating diseases and conditions that can detract from an individual's quality of life, the experience of pain can be particularly problematic. Despite the difficulties caused by the experience of mental or physical pain, people who suffer from pain can implement various strategies to overcome its debilitating effects. While the strategies are diverse, journal writing about pain can be particularly effective. By learning more about this strategy, individuals who suffer from pain can begin feeling better.

Journal Writing

Pain-The Basics

Although broadly defined, pain is basically an unpleasant feeling that results from experiencing damaging stimuli. An example of an experience that could generate pain would include burning a finger, stubbing a toe, or putting alcohol on a cut. The experience of pain can also be mental or result from an intensely problematic emotional experience such as losing a loved one or getting a divorce. When people experience pain, they are often motivated to remove themselves from damaging situations while also attempting to avoid a similar experience in the future. In many cases, the experience of pain is resolved quickly as the source of pain is eliminated and the body heals. However, many forms of pain persist even when the offending stimulus is removed.

How Journal Writing Can Facilitate Healing

As many individuals who operate within the world of psychotherapy and mental health know, journal writing about pain can play a profound role in facilitating the healing process. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that writing about pain causes the individual doing so to think critically about factors such as what caused the pain and how it was processed on both mental and physical levels.

Journaling to Determine the Source of Pain

In engaging the effectiveness of journal writing about pain, it is important that the individuals doing so determine what their goals in doing so are. If an individual is attempting to alleviate feelings such as anxiety and helplessness that result from pain, the goal may be to journal such that a doctor can identify what factors are causing it. The patient and doctor may examine factors such as what food was eaten, what types of exercises were performed, and what types of daily activities were done in order to determine which factors could be precipitating pain.

Making Journal Writing about Pain Effective

As many health experts know, journal writing about pain is an effective way through which to determine the source of pain and subsequently eliminate it. Since this is the case, it is important that individuals who commit to journaling understand the process of writing. There are numerous ways to write, but the important thing to consider in terms of pain management is that the patient clearly articulates his or her feelings and experiences of pain. Once this is done, the medical official can make sound determinations regarding what type of care needs to be administered to eliminate the source of pain.